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Chocolate Passion Petit Fours


The platter of Chocolate passion petits fours includes 4 mini-pastry recipes. You’ll find the same subtle, flavoursome quality in each of the different chocolate varieties:

- 12 Crunchy chocolate and caramel financiers (chocolate financier, dark chocolate round and salted-butter caramel ganache).
- 12 Gianduja praline slices (hazelnut financier, crunchy praline, gianduja cream and nuts).
- 12 Triple chocolate slices (chocolate Joconde biscuit, chocolate crunch, milk chocolate cream and white chocolate icing).
- 12 Viennese coffee chocolates (chocolate crumble, chocolate and coffee cream, white chocolate mousse and cocoa powder).

Almond Croissant


Everyone goes crazy for a sweet, buttery and flaky Almond Croissant!

Our Gourmand Almond Croissant is deliciously sweet, filled with a rich almond paste and topped with almond flakes and sugar glazing.

Crafted with real European butter, no margarine.

Bake from frozen for 20-25mins at 165 ºC with steam (if available)

Vegetarian Canapés


For its very first all-vegetarian canapés, Traiteur de Paris has concocted six trendy recipes made exclusively with vegetable and cheese ingredients to please the eye and the taste-buds alike.

Vegetarian friendly

- 9 Coriander-yuzu cream burgers, sugarsnap peas, teriyaki sauce and grilled sesame seeds.
- 9 Vegetable club sandwichs (green bread, vegetables, multigrain bread).
- 9 Onion cakes, mascarpone, walnuts, cranberries.
- 9 Tomato financiers, ricotta cream, marinated mozzarella cheese call and marinated tomato.
- 9 Blinis, pepper cream, marinated and grilled peppers.
- 9 Spinach Cakes, mascarpone cream, broad beans, sugarsnap peas.

Traiteur de Paris Lemon Meringue Pie Single Serve Desserts

Lemon Meringue Pie


A tangy, fresh and light single serve Lemon Meringue Pie dessert option. Made up using a crispy butter shortcrust combined with a slightly tangy lemon cream mix and a light Italian meringue. Topped off with a sophisticated final touch of sprinkled slivered almonds and orange and lemon zests.