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Van Diermen Mini Salted Caramel Core Filled Profiteroles

Salted Caramel Mini Core Filled Profiteroles

Generously dipped in a smooth caramel coating that has a distinct salty tang.

The choux pastry case is filled with real cream and to top it all off… a dollop of salted caramel sauce!

Our Salted Caramel profiterole has the perfect balance between sweet and salty, add a little fun to your dessert platters with this little delicacy.

Simply thaw and serve.

Mini Chocolate Fondant

A French classic with a version which is miniature but no less gourmet! It suits multiple settings such as cocktail party buffets, mid-meeting breaks, VIP entrance and many others. This intensely chocolatey mini dessert has a particularly melt-in-the-mouth texture and a superbly runny middle made using 72% cocoa chocolate.
Heat for 10 minutes at 150°C or microwave for 25 seconds at 2000w

Mini Pastel De Nata

The Pastel De Nata tarts are a portugese
staple and are loved by many around the world.
Our Authentic recipe features a rich
Egg custard nesteled into a crispy pastry.
These delicious succulent tarts taste like home…
Even if you're not from Portugal

Vege Cones


The Pidy Vege Cone has become even more innovative and suited to your needs. Now lined with a coating to prevent the filling from making the cone soggy. Perfect filled with almost anything savoury. Take your canapés to the next level with these colourful cones.

45 x Neutral

45 x Sepia

45 x Tomato

45 x Spinach

+1 painter’s pallet included!