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Mini Chocolate Fondant

A French classic with a version which is miniature but no less gourmet! It suits multiple settings such as cocktail party buffets, mid-meeting breaks, VIP entrance and many others. This intensely chocolatey mini dessert has a particularly melt-in-the-mouth texture and a superbly runny middle made using 72% cocoa chocolate.
Heat for 10 minutes at 150°C or microwave for 25 seconds at 2000w

Precut Chocolate Tart

The Chocolate Tart is made up of all butter short crust pastry with a filling rich in chocolate and ground almonds. For a refined look and a little extra sweetness, our tart is covered with a 70% cocoa dark chocolate glaze and decorated with delicate chocolate chunks.

Van Diermen Chocolate coated Mini Filled Profiteroles

Chocolate Coated and Vanilla Filled Mini Profiteroles

Fresh cream filled choux pastry profiterole.

The ultimate crowd pleaser.

Low cost per unit; these cream puffs are great on buffets, dessert platters, add to sundaes or a quick way to make a genuine croquembouche tower.

Simply thaw and serve.