The French Macaron and its rise to popularity…

Don’t confuse the macaron with the macaroon (note the additional “o”), a sticky cookie made with egg whites, sugar and coconut. The Macaron has become so popular due to its pretty and petite nature.

What’s more, the French macaron is extremely to difficult to perfect. So much, that it’s practically an art, only adding to the demand to be able to buy these much sought after desserts ready made.

Like almost any other dessert, the macaron comes in hundreds of different flavours. The six flavour profiles we offer are: Toffee, Pistachio, Vanilla Bean, Raspberry, Chocolate and Lemon.

To find out where you can purchase our genuine French Macarons in NZ, call our friendly office team on 0800 366 252 today. Make your next event that little bit more special 💕