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Profiterole Shell

Choux pastries without the filling! These profiteroles are small, crisp, hollow rounds of choux pastry that can be split in half or piped fill with sweet whipped cream, mousse or a savoury filling.

Precut Chocolate Tart

The Chocolate Tart is made up of all butter short crust pastry with a filling rich in chocolate and ground almonds. For a refined look and a little extra sweetness, our tart is covered with a 70% cocoa dark chocolate glaze and decorated with delicate chocolate chunks.

La Donatella Lemon Rolle Dessert Log

Lemon Rolle Dessert Log

The newest addition to the La Donatella Range! Lemon flavoured sponge folded around whipped cream. Topped with candied lemon slices and shredded coconut.

Red Fruits & Apple Crumble Tart

A timeless, tasty classic! Apple and Red Berries crumble tart made using butter, French Wheat Flour and real Apples and Red Berries!
Save time and minimise your preparation.