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Truffons stand out for their intense chocolate content. Their 72% cocoa dark chocolate ganache is topped with a 58% cocoa chocolate mousse. The crunchy meringue centre contrasts well and is a tasty surprise for the unsuspecting guest!
This dessert comes pre-decorated and is ideal for meals with a large number of guests as it saves your teams time when it comes to presenting it on plates.

Vegetarian friendly

Profiterole Shell

Choux pastries without the filling! These profiteroles are small, crisp, hollow rounds of choux pastry that can be split in half or piped fill with sweet whipped cream, mousse or a savoury filling.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

An authentic recipe, rich in 60% cocoa chocolate, and original thanks to its natural sugar content with cranberry: an antioxidant "super-fruit" with multiple virtues. This Vegan chocolate cake is a real pastry feat without any raw material of animal origin. And this recipe is certified gluten-free. The Chocolate Cake, the Vegan fully meets the new eating habits of consumers, in particular those of millennials, in search of healthy snacks and 100% pleasure, perfectly suited to their flexitarian diet.

Gourmand all-butter Chocolate & Custard Twist

Chocolate & Custard Twist

All butter pastries filled with chocolate drops and pastry cream.

Belgian chocolate and creamy custard perfectly blended in twist of butter pastry.

Filling evenly spread throughout the pastries.

Bake from frozen for 20-25mins at 165 ºC with steam (if available)