Ready to eat Gourmand Multigrain Mini Croissant

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Gourmand Custard Crown Danish Pastry

Custard Crown Danish Pastry


Authentic crispy Danish pastry filled with Almond paste topped with rich vanilla custard cream and finished with almond nuts.

Filling: Double filling (almond paste + Custard), 24 layers of unique Danish margarine dough.

Decoration: Each carton contains 2 piping bags with sugar icing for decoration after baking (on cold pastries).

Ready to fill Pidy Vege Cones

Vege Cones


24 x Spinach

24 x Sepia

24 x Tomato

24 x Neutral

+1 painter’s pallet included!

Van Diermen Mini Sponge Rolls frozen party desserts

Vanilla Mini Sponge Roll


Mini sponge rolls filled with vanilla cream.

Comes pre-cut and frozen, ready to serve.

Simple enough to drizzle with chocolate, berry sauce or serve alone.

Simply thaw and serve.