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Vegetarian Canapés


For its very first all-vegetarian canapés, Traiteur de Paris has concocted six trendy recipes made exclusively with vegetable and cheese ingredients to please the eye and the taste-buds alike.

Vegetarian friendly

- 9 Coriander-yuzu cream burgers, sugarsnap peas, teriyaki sauce and grilled sesame seeds.
- 9 Vegetable club sandwichs (green bread, vegetables, multigrain bread).
- 9 Onion cakes, mascarpone, walnuts, cranberries.
- 9 Tomato financiers, ricotta cream, marinated mozzarella cheese call and marinated tomato.
- 9 Blinis, pepper cream, marinated and grilled peppers.
- 9 Spinach Cakes, mascarpone cream, broad beans, sugarsnap peas.

Vege Cones



The Pidy Vege Cone has become even more innovative and suited to your needs. Now lined with a coating to prevent the filling from making the cone soggy. Perfect filled with almost anything savoury. Take your canapés to the next level with these colourful cones.

45 x Neutral

45 x Sepia

45 x Tomato

45 x Spinach

+1 painter’s pallet included!

La Donatella Rustic Tiramisu Dessert Log

Rustic Tiramisu Dessert Log


A rustic take on the traditional Tiramisu. Coffee soaked sponge sheets replace the sponge fingers for a unique and easy to cut tiramisu. The Rustic Tiramisu Dessert Log is in a 1kg log for added convenience.

Gourmand Mini Pain Au Chocolate.

Mini Pain Au Chocolate


A frozen, pre-proved pain au chocolat made from puff pastry with a sweet chocolate core.

An easy, quick and convenient solution for busy caterers and Chefs.

Available in two sought-after sizes: 30g and 85g.