Gourmand Take and Bake Mini Croissant

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Pidy Vege Flower Cups - ready to fill

Vege Flower Cups


24 x Beetroot

24 x Spinach

24 x Grilled Onion

24 x Carrot

Van Diermen Mini Sponge Rolls frozen party desserts

Vanilla Mini Sponge Roll


Mini sponge rolls filled with vanilla cream.

Comes pre-cut and frozen, ready to serve.

Simple enough to drizzle with chocolate, berry sauce or serve alone.

Simply thaw and serve.

Van Diermen Mini Salted Caramel Core Filled Profiteroles

Salted Caramel Mini Core Filled Profiteroles


Generously dipped in a smooth caramel coating that has a distinct salty tang.

The choux pastry case is filled with real cream and to top it all off… a dollop of salted caramel sauce!

Our Salted Caramel profiterole has the perfect balance between sweet and salty, add a little fun to your dessert platters with this little delicacy.

Simply thaw and serve.

Traiteur de Paris Potato Gratin

Potato Gratin


The Potato Gratin is created with ingredients selected with care.

This recipe of potatoes, cream, milk, and mozzarella acts as a savoury note to your meal that is both sinfully creamy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Sensibly packaged in individual portions, the Potato gratin will save you time and portioning headaches.

Cook from frozen
24 Minutes at 180C in the oven.