Van Diermen Chocolate Mini Eclair

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Pidy Vol au Vent cases are ready to fill

Vol au Vent


The classic French puff pastry shells, Vol-au-Vent, serve as the flaky cups for holding a savoury or sweet filling.



Truffons stand out for their intense chocolate content. Their 72% cocoa dark chocolate ganache is topped with a 58% cocoa chocolate mousse. The crunchy meringue centre contrasts well and is a tasty surprise for the unsuspecting guest!
This dessert comes pre-decorated and is ideal for meals with a large number of guests as it saves your teams time when it comes to presenting it on plates.

Vegetarian friendly

Traiteur de Paris White Bread

White Bread Sheets



No wastage, easy to handle and quick to use; every Chef’s dream! A reduced ingredients list,
creating a natural product with a clean label.

Allow the spreading on the whole sheet and the cut of 40 canapés at the same time!

Defrost for 30 minutes at 4 degrees °C for one sheet. Defrost for 2 - 3 hours for four sheets.

Pidy Sponette for catering and hotels




Mini, edible spoon! Get creative with your canapés. With its neutral flavour, this versatile mini creative can be filled with either a savoury or sweet filling. What about dipping the end of the spoon in chocolate?

The uses for this product are endless.