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Van Diermen Chocolate Mini Eclair

Cappuccino Filled Mini Éclairs


A chocolate topped mini éclair filled with fresh cappuccino whipped cream.

Great to have with high tea, coffee or by themselves.

Topped with real chocolate.

Simply thaw and serve.

Traiteur de Paris Vegetarian Mini Quiches

Vegetarian Mini Quiches


NEW! Partly Cooked

Perfectly suited to today’s demand for healthy and natural foods.

The range of Vegetarian mini quiches created by the Traiteur de Paris Chefs includes 5 recipes with easily recognisable vegetables.

- 15 Mini quiches with goat cheese, spinach and almonds.
- 15 Mini quiches with broccoli and Emmental cheese.
- 15 Mini quiches with green asparagus and coriander.
- 15 Mini quiches with cherry tomato and mozzarella cheese.
- 15 Mini quiches with a curry spice mix, grilled aubergine and courgette.

Their golden, crunchy shortcrust pastry combined with the smooth
texture of their garnishes gives these savoury little nibbles an
irresistible taste that has you coming back for more.

20 - 25 minutes at 170 degrees °C

Van Diermen Vanilla Filled Mini Profiteroles

Vanilla Filled Mini Profiteroles


Fresh cream filled choux pastry profiterole. Tastes just like homemade!!

The ultimate crowd pleaser. Emma Jane’s profiteroles are delectable in taste and pleasing to the eye, a quick and easy desert that is sure to impress your guests or satisfy those sweet tooth’s that come calling...

Our cream puffs are great on buffets and dessert platters. For something a little different add to sundaes or if you are feeling creative our puffs provide a quick way to make a genuine croquembouche tower.

Simply thaw and serve. Thaw time 15 minutes.

Pidy Sweet Telline Case

Sweet Telline Pastry Cases


The true secret behind this simplistic common product is what it's made of. Crafted with 6 ingredients, all of which we use on a daily basis!

Ideal for catering for large groups or a small high-tea platter.

Available as sweet or savoury. Packaged separately.