Van Diermen Strawberry Filled Mini Profiteroles

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Ready to fill Pidy Vege Cones

Vege Cones


24 x Spinach

24 x Sepia

24 x Tomato

24 x Neutral

+1 painter’s pallet included!

Van Diermen Chocolate Mini Eclair

Cappuccino Filled Mini Éclairs


A chocolate topped mini éclair filled with fresh cappuccino whipped cream.

Great to have with high tea, coffee or by themselves.

Topped with real chocolate.

Simply thaw and serve.

Van Diermen Chocolate coated Mini Filled Profiteroles

Chocolate Coated and Vanilla Filled Mini Profiteroles


Fresh cream filled choux pastry profiterole.

The ultimate crowd pleaser.

Low cost per unit; these cream puffs are great on buffets, dessert platters, add to sundaes or a quick way to make a genuine croquembouche tower.

Simply thaw and serve.