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Parisiens Canapés


Parisiens all use vegetables or cheese as their base and are made with carefully selected ingredients. They are suitable for some types of vegetarian menus.

- 9 Coriander-yuzu cream burgers, sugarsnap peas, teriyaki sauce and grilled sesame seeds.
- 9 Tomato financiers, ricotta cream, marinated mozzarella cheese call and marinated tomato.
- 9 Emmental shortbread and ricotta mousse, pepper and raspberry jelly, marinated pepper and raspberry mix.
- 9 Carrot mousseline millefeuilles, hummus, carrot carpaccio, apricot and orange jelly, beetroot and horseradish mousse.
- 9 Spinach cakes, mascarpone cream, broad beands, sugarsnap peas.
- 9 Comte cheese slices, truffle flavour mascarpone cream, chopped pistachios and almonds.

Gourmand Mini Pain Au Chocolate.

Pain Au Chocolate


A frozen, pre-proved pain au chocolat made from puff pastry with a sweet chocolate core.

An easy, quick and convenient solution for busy caterers and Chefs.

Available in two sought-after sizes: 30g and 85g.

Traiteur de Paris Vegetarian Mini Quiches

Vegetarian Mini Quiches


NEW! Partly Cooked

Perfectly suited to today’s demand for healthy and natural foods.

The range of Vegetarian mini quiches created by the Traiteur de Paris Chefs includes 5 recipes with easily recognisable vegetables.

- 15 Mini quiches with goat cheese, spinach and almonds.
- 15 Mini quiches with broccoli and Emmental cheese.
- 15 Mini quiches with green asparagus and coriander.
- 15 Mini quiches with cherry tomato and mozzarella cheese.
- 15 Mini quiches with a curry spice mix, grilled aubergine and courgette.

Their golden, crunchy shortcrust pastry combined with the smooth
texture of their garnishes gives these savoury little nibbles an
irresistible taste that has you coming back for more.

20 - 25 minutes at 170 degrees °C

Ham & Gouda Cheese Butter Croissant


A tasty croissant pre-filled with aged Gouda and a slice of artisanal ham. Some young Gouda grated on top finishes the product with a crispiness, a crunchy bite and a nice golden colour.

Gourmand's #1 Seller!!

Crafted with real European butter, no margarine.

Bake from frozen for 20-25mins at 165 ºC with steam (if available)